1958 Kerkrade Holland

West Vancouver Boys Band

West Vancouver Boys Band – trip to U. K., Holland and Brussels May 18th to September 15, 1958

What was unique about this trip: It was the “West Vancouver Boys Band” rather than the Kitsilano Boys Band, yet it included many key players from the Kitsilano Boys Band trip of 1955.

Mr. Gordon Delamont, his wife and his daughter Susan, granddaughter of Arthur and Lily Delamont, accompanied the Boys on this trip. In Dunfermline, Scotland, Gordon Delamont conducted the afternoon session.

The band visited Canadian venues by train across Canada for 12 days, then sailed on the Cunard “Sylvania” for Liverpool. The crossing was 6 days. Then the Band, beginning on “In Town Tonight”, played many venues in England, Scotland and Wales, including the British Empire Games in Cardiff.

The competitive highlight of this trip was the World Musical Festival in Kerkrade, Holland, August 1- 3rd. (7,000 participants and 500,000 spectators). They won the first prize in open competition against bands from 27 countries. Also they won “First place with distinction” in the playing and marching competition.

The Band also travelled to Brussels for the World’s Fair, August 4-7th.

They returned to Canada via the Cunard “Saxonia” arriving in Montreal September 15, 1958.

This information is courtesy of George Ross, clarinet player, with thanks. Gordon Laird










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