1962 Kerkrade


ABOVE: On the court house steps.

In 1960, Gordon came out to Vancouver to visit his mother. He was sick, as well, with lung problems. While at a concert in Chinatown, he ran into Roy Johnston who said, “Good to see you, guess you will be coming out more often now?”Gordon replied, “Not if I can help it. I just can’t bear to see her like this.” Lillie had Alzheimer’s disease.

One day at Arthur’s brother Frank’s home in New Westminster, Arthur and Lillie paid them a visit. Lillie remained in the car while Arthur went inside. Arthur’s niece Esther wanted to see Aunt Lillie. Arthur tried to persuade her that it would be better to remember her the way she used to be but Esther insisted. When she went down to the car with Arthur, Lillie had two different colored socks on, two different shoes and her hair was unkempt and disorderly. Arthur was sure she would not know Esther but when he asked her if she knew who this was, she replied, “It’s Esther,” but she thought Arthur was her brother. Lillie died soon after in 1962.
The family was worried about Uncle Arthur being all alone for the first time in his life but he surprised everyone by marrying their longtime housekeeper. She was not at all like Lillie and the family thought that this might be good for Uncle Arthur. Maybe now he would take life a little easier and get involved in other things besides his music but it was not meant to be. Unlike Lillie she was not prepared to give up everything for the band and Arthur was too set in his ways to ever change. Arthur thought that with another trip to the Old Country planned for the summer of 1962, that she would change her mind when she went on tour with him and the band. She was all for the trip to Europe but for other reasons than Arthur.  Excerpt from By Jove What A Band!

ABOVE: Top Left: Marching in the battle des la fleurs parade in Nice, France, boys with stickers on their trunk, Bill Ingledew, Bob Calder, playing a junk music concert (pop tunes), playing a stand-up concert in Germany, marching competition in Kerkrade, Holland,dance band poster in Cheltenham, England.

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