1966 Kerkrade

KERKRADE, HOLLAND 1966, Gold and Silver all the Way!

As the years passed by Arthur’s trips to Europe became more frequent, rather than less as one would expect of a man in his seventies. In the late 1960’s he made a record-breaking trip every two years, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1972 and 1974, the trips were much more extensive than in the past, covering more countries. It was as if he knew he would not live forever and wanted to pack as much living into his time here on earth as he could, for which no one could blame him. That he would not live forever I am sure many might have wondered about over the years. At 70 he had the energy of a man half his age and to be able to keep up with forty fourteen to eighteen year-olds for two months in Europe was no small task in itself. But then he had been doing it all his life and thought nothing of it. Besides, he wasn’t going to miss dancing with the ladies on the seaside in Brighton or Blackpool because someone thought he was too old—no sir not him, or his name wasn’t Arthur Delamont. -excerpt from By Jove What A Band!

ABOVE: Marching at the Kerkrade International Band Festival, 2 photos of Southend-on-Sea, Rob Arseneau, departing for home! Keith Christie, Wally, Rob Trousdell and Richard Christie, Dave McKenzie, the bull fights in Madrid, Dartmouth, getting the music ready for Kerkrade in the community hall where we stayed in Dartmouth, getting ready to leave Dartmouth, Colin our bus driver with Dave McKenzie, Jimmy Pattison Jr. in the back with Rob Arseneau, Bruce Miller and Jane Baker. 

ABOVE FOUR PHOTOS:  All courtesy of Rob Arseneau, Malcolm Brodie in jeans, Richard Christie, Bottom, Rob Arseneau blue jacket, Malcolm Brodie, Rob Trousdale and Richard Christie in London.

ABOVE: Photos courtesy of George Ellenton, 3 tubas, Richard Christie, Ray Punter, George Ellenton, the Dartmouth ferry, Kerkrade, leaving for home.

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