1968 European Tour

68kitsbandat showboat

ABOVE:  Playing the SHOWBOAT before leaving for Europe for two months.

“Why,” Arthur thundered, “did you, you silly ass, take a rest before that 2-4! Why, why, WHY?”
The little kid squirmed and clutched his trumpet. Then another lad played only half a note.
“Stop! Stop this mess, you… what the… No wonder your parents send you to me! But even I can’t perform miracles.”
Further into Offenbach, another boy missed the beat, and Arthur exploded again.
“Oh my gosh, gosh! Gosh! Dash!! Why boy?”
“I was just blowing my nose….”
“Well next time,” he yelled, “let it run!”
And so the rehearsals continued, and Arthur’s bullying, raving, ranting, and tender loving care which had made the band one of the best of its kind in the world, carried on as well. He never used words unfit for children’s ears, but he always goshed and dashed to beat the band. When asked by a reporter one day if his pace was not a little hectic for a 76-year-old he replied, “Making music isn’t a bad way to go, now is it?” He added, “You know, I don’t know any kid who ever played with this band who ever got in trouble. I’d be unhappy if I knew. Working with them really is my reward. I like kids, all kids, all people.  Excerpt from – By Jove What A Band!


ABOVE: Five rows listed as follows: Back row; Middle row (L); Middle row (R); Front row (L); Front row (R) [Missing from the photo is Tom Walker who was at the hospital at the time]

Back row L-R: Bruce Ball, Dan Brown, Dean Wilson, Gerald Dueck, Mike Simpson, Gary Wilson, John Hawthorne, Allan (Wally) Leytonen, Dave Jones, Chris Nelson, George Pettie, Don Mayer, Larry Borsa, Chris Ketchum, Ian Petrie, Mgr. Dave MacKenzie

Middle row left L-R: Mr. “D”, Don Luff, Wayne Briscoe, Kerry Bennington, Bob Griffiths, Dave Calder, Wendy Loewen

Middle row right L-R: Bruce Miller, Bert Gibbons, Keith Christie, Dennis Grey, Terry O’Neil, Barry Miller, Wayne Pettie

Front row left L-R: Bill Inman, Unknown, Kent Hansen, Derek Petrie, Mike Bunkowski (behind bass drum), Allan Petrie, Malcolm Bunkowski

Front row right L-R: Jody Neville (behind Allan Petrie), Richard Van Slyke, Ted Exley, Tim Kolosoff, Gary Watkinson, Murray Wickam

ABOVE: Departing, Mr.D with trumpet, award featuring Mr. D’s picture drawn by an artist in Dartmouth and presented to him, Mr.D, Wendy, Dave Calder and Dave MacKenzie meeting the mayor. The above photos are from the collection of Barry Miller.  The comments are Barry’s!

ABOVE: Don Luff marching in Dartmouth, playing in one of our favorite places the Dartmouth band stand, Wally with his friends in London, we did a lot of marching in Dartmouth, me when I had hair, a stand-up concert in Koln, John, Bert Gibbons, Wendy and Mr D at Planten um Blumen in Hamburg, Deryk, Malcolm, Wally, John and another Deryk, playing in Princes Street Gardens band shell below Edinburgh Castle, Mr. D with a youngster from the audience balancing him on his music stand while giving him a conducting lesson (like only he could do).Photos all courtesy of Bill and Heather Inman.

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