1974 Soviet Union


ABOVE: Mr. D in a mock wedding ceremony with their chaperone, Mae Brown.

Arthur’s health was failing him and he almost hadn’t made the trip in 1972. In 1971, he had suffered a heart attack but it was business as usual. Arthur felt strong enough to make one more trip to the old country in the summer of 1974. Still looking for new challenges for his boys, he decided to include a side trip to Russia. The band had never played in the USSR, so it would be another first for Arthur and a great finale to cap off a life full of successes and achievements.
The Rotary Club of Richmond organized the trip for Arthur and Mel Goodwyn, of the Rotary Club, again co-managed the trip with a fellow by the name of Glenn David. Glenn was a Berklee Jazz School graduate on saxophone and whenever Arthur got too tired he just signaled to Glenn to put in a riff or two while he took a break. It must have been an interesting trip to say the least. Arthur delighted in the fact that Glenn had a musical pedigree that went back to Felix Mendolssohn (Ferdinand David had been Felix Mendolssohn’s Concert Master). A descendent of Felix Mendolssohn’s Concert Master, playing and co-managing his band, became a lively topic of conversation with Arthur, as they traveled the back roads of England, during that magical last summer of 1974. Excerpt from – By Jove What A Band!

ABOVE: Photos courtesy of Brad Goodwin  Back in the USSR.

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