1979 Old Boys Tour

79 At the Beach

When Vera returned from California in the early 1970s, she was able to get Arthur to move back into Vancouver from White Rock and take an apartment in Kitsilano. Throughout the 70’s he continued to put on concerts with his professional band. No matter where they played he always rearranged the chairs and got mad if they were not set up properly. One time he even went to the wrong place. The band waited for him. They weren’t mad but Arthur sure was, at himself. He would delight in talking with his audiences and one day at a boat concert, he told a story which he had never told before.
“In the 1960’s, I used to go down to Disneyland at Christmas time, to hear the bands. One day I made an appointment to see the music director about bringing a band down to play. He appeared very interested. Finally he said to me, ‘What did you say your name was?’ Delamont, I replied. ‘You’re not related to Gordon Delamont the composer/arranger are you?’ he said. He’s my son, I replied. From that moment on I could have asked for the world and he would have given it to me. You know I was so proud to think that my son was so well known for his music texts on arranging and theory in U.S. schools and military bands and that I was his father and he didn’t know anything that I had done.”

Arthur felt he had to return to England with his band just one more time. In 1939, the band had been scheduled to play a concert in Great Yarmouth, England when war was declared. The concert had to be cancelled. Arthur wanted to fulfill that obligation. The newspaper headlines read: Band Keeps Date — 40 Years Late!  Excerpt from: By Jove What A Band!

ABOVE Many thanks to John Coupar for his father Charles Coupar’s photos of the ’79 Old Boy’s Tour his dad went on.




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