2005 KBB Display


Kitsilano 100 Kits Band Display

April 17 – June 30, 2005



The Display is in the Vancouver Museum which is in the Planetarium at Vanier Park. Park and entrance are FREE!!

Take the Elevator to the Lower Level. To your LEFT as you get off the elevator!

First you see Arthur Delamont’s uniform, hat and cornet.

These were donated to the Vancouver Museum by Vera Delamont

The big bass drum was provided by Don Radelet.

The boys cape, cap and pants were provided by the family of Bill Good.

Note the shoes, sox and shoe polish kit!

At the extreme right is a panel of the five Order of Canada persons from the Kits Band:

Arthur Delamont, Jimmy Pattison, Bing Thom, Dal Richards and Ron Collier

Two of the people most responsible for the set up of the display:

Norm Mullins and Marilyn Laird

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