Brian Bolam

Memories of Brian Bolam


From BRIAN BOLAM (1950 trip) August 13, 1998:“….At Arthur’s funeral I played the Lost Chord on Delamont’s old cornet which I took off of his casket. Playing that old horn was an experience that I won’t soon forget. Arthur would have approved the show-biz part of using his cornet, the tears in my eyes were for the difficulty in trying to get the valves to go up and down properly and control the beastly instrument.”

[editorial note: Arthur William Delamont, C. M., born in Hereford, England, January 23, 1892, died in Vancouver, September 11, 1982. The Funeral was held at Kitsilano United Church, Friday, September 17, 1982 at 1:00 p.m., the Rev. James Erb officiating. The Eulogy was by Mr. Roy Johnston. The pallbearers were: Dal Richards, George Fisher, Alex Kaminak, Frank Hills, John Hawthorne and Ian Richards. “The Lost Chord” was played with Brian Bolam playing the lead, joined by the trumpet section of Kits Alumni. – gl]
Brian was a close friend of Bill Good and provided a Eulogy for Bill’s service.  This is available on the page Bill Good (1933-2001) Tribute.


ABOVE: Brian on the right.

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