A Brief History


1928 The General Gordon School Band is formed in Kitsilano under direction of Arthur W. Delamont (later the name was changed to the Kitsilano Boys Band)

1931 Kitsilano Boys Band takes first place at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto

1933 Kitsilano Boys Band triumphs at Chicago World’s Fair

1934 First Band trip to England. First Place for Deportment, West of England. (21 Bands competing)

1936 First time a Band Concert was given at the Peace Tower in Ottawa

1936 Second trip to England Kitsilano Boys Band wins the Cassell’s Challenge Shield for “junior” bands at the Crystal Palace. (36 senior bands competing)

1937 Kitsilano Boys Band plays at the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

1939 Band plays concerts at New York Worlds’ Fair, en route to a full schedule of concerts in Britain. Band forced to curtail tour and to hurry back to Canada when the outbreak of war is announced.

1946 Arthur W. Delamont named Vancouver’s Good Citizen of the Year.

1947 Hollywood, California

1950 First post-war trip to England, Scotland, Ireland and Holland. First place, International Music Festival at Oosterbeek.

1953 Trip to British Isles and Ireland

1955 Trip to British Isles

1958 Trip to Europe. Sight reading Championship in Brussels.

1962 Europe via Panama Canal: England, France, Holland and Germany – Gold Medal at Interational Marching Band Competition in Holland

1966 Kerkrade Holland

1967 Expo 67 in Montreal

1968 Europe

1970 Europe

1972 Europe

1974 Trip to Moscow

Kits Band ceases operation


1979 Kits Alumni Band tours Scotland and England

1980 Arthur Delamont named Member of the Order of Canada (C. M.)

1981 Vancouver Parks Board designates “Delamont Park” (Kitsilano, 7th and Arbutus)

1982 Arthur W. Delamont died in Vancouver, September 11, 1982 at age 90. Funeral service at Kitsilano United Church with Boys playing “The Lost Chord” (solo by Brian Bolam on Mr. D.’s trumpet). Eulogy by Mr. Roy Johnston

1984 Dedication of a bronze plaque in Delamont Park, Kitsilano. Invitation from Vera Delamont Jagger


All former members of Mr. D’s bands are invited to help us dedicate a bronze plaque in his memory. The dedication will be help in Delamont Park at 7th and Arbutus in Vancouver. Please also bring your close ones.
The ceremonies will be held – rain or ‘shine -at the Park at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, June 16, 1984. A reception follows in Kits House at 7th Ave and Vine at 3:00 p.m. Complimentary light refreshments and beverages will be served. Bar facilities will be provided. One complimentary bar ticket will be given to each guest at the start. Although children are welcome at the park, we regret that limited facilities preclude admission of children to the reception.
Members wishing to play in the Band are requested to be at the Park at 1:30 p.m. ready to play precisely at 1:45 p.m. Mr. Ken Sotvedt will be directing the band. Further information may be obtained by contacting Ken at 206-945-3479. Players should bring stands, lyres, and clothes pegs for stand-up outdoor play. Dress will be black shoes, white shirt, red or dark tie and navy blue jacket. Any of those who have Vancouver Kits Band caps and/or red capes (or other similar uniforms, from other of Mr. D’s Bands) are requested to wear them.
We do hope you will be able to attend to honour Mr. D. and also to renew your acquaintance of fellow members. To assist us in arranging the catering, we would appreciate knowing if you plan to attend.
For further information please contact:
Vera Delamont Jagger