Books on the Kits Band by: Warfleet Press

Several books are now in print and available on the band. By Jove What a Band came out in 2007. It is a lighthearted overview of the band’s story told in a novelette format. Humorous, with lots of anecdotes, it is an easy read and still remains possibly my favorite. The Red Cape Boys is 30 chapters on 30 of the more well known alumni from the band. There are chapters on Jimmy Pattison, Bing Thom, Gordon Delamont, Ron Collier, Bob Buckley, Arnie Chycoski and many others. Denton Park highlites 20 boys from the 1950s versions of the Kits band. Those Fabulous Fifties saw the band in England & the continent three times in 1950, 1953 and 1958. The Lost Chord covers 20 boys from the Psychedelic Sixties. In all I interviewed around 130 boys for my books on the band over the years (from 1987 through 2008). Their life stories were fascinating apart from their time in the bands so I decided to include them in books as well, hence the reason for these three books of boy’s stories. Woodwinds, Brass & Glory is the photo album. It contains 500 photos in both pristine and not so pristine condition. However they all tell the band’s story which is the reason I included them all. I have included my book on The Kitsilano Showboat here as well. The band was always an integral part of the Showboat, playing their many times over the years ever since its beginnings in 1935. The Leinbach family who were the driving force behind the Showboat from the early days and still are today with Barry Leinbach today running the Show were also involved with the band. Barry was in the band and his mother Bea Leinbach involved in the Lady’s Auxiliary.

My last and final book on the band came out in the summer of 2014. It is called The Life & Times of the Legendary Mr. D and is a coffee table book. It is the only book that tells the complete story of the band. The other books only tell a part of the story.

This website gives you a glimpse of what is in the books. You can find many more photos and much more detailed information available on this wonderful organization in my books.


I am often asked what the significant’s of the name Warfleet means. I posted a blog many years ago on the Francis Frith website in England that tells what the name means to me. It is just as meaningful today as it was the day it was posted.


A book review was written by Alan Twigg with BC Booklook on The Life & Times of the Legendary Mr. D when It came out in 2014. Below is a link to that review.

To order a book please leave a message below. Thanks! Christopher Best


Below is an article on one of my books and at the end of the article is a write-up on my Delamont books.



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