Here is a place for Home Pages of any Kits Band Alumni, and any other Bands and Orchestras!!

Bob Buckley, Clarinet, 1962 Kits Band Trip

John Capon, trombone, 1955

Bill Cave on trumpet, playing on Jimmy Pattison’s yacht, with the Desparation Jazz Band, Sousaphone, 1950 trip

Ron Collier (1930-2003), Trombone, 1950 Kits Band Trip

Gordon Delamont, Trumpet, 1936 Kits Band Trip

Earl Hobson, Clarinet, 1955 Kits Band Trip, Conductor of the Royal City Concert Band

Gordon Laird, Clarinet, 1950 Kits Band Trip

Dal Richards, Clarinet, 1934 Kits Band Trip

Ken Sotvedt 1937-2003, Conductor of the Vancouver Firefighters’ Band and the Kits Alumni Band – 1998 and 2003

Tom Walker, member of the Bruce James Orchestra,Trombone, 1966-72 Kits Band Trips

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