Welcome to the web page for the Kitsilano Boys Band: aka Vancouver Boys Band when on tour. The Kitsilano Boys Band existed in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1928 until 1978, approximately two decades before the Golden Age of Vancouver Youth Bands (1950 to 1990). It set the standard for every other band that followed over the years. Even today if you played under Arthur Delamont you are held in very high esteem by other bandsmen.

The Kitsilano Boys Band won over 200 championship awards and traveled 14 times to the Old Country (Britain). Its wins were not marginal but usually way ahead of their nearest competitor. During the 1930s they marched their way through the regional, national and world junior band championships and then headed to England. In England they played against adult bands culminating in a first place win at London’s Crystal Palace against 35 of Britain’s top collier bands.

Today, the alumni of this famous band hold reunion concerts once every two years in the summer at the Kitsilano Showboat. The next concert is tentatively Summer 2017.

The Kitsilano Boys Band Alumni includes everyone who has the Kitsilano Boys Band and Arthur W. Delamont as part of their experience. Our purpose is to locate and support one another, to hear about any reunions, and to contact one another, by phone, letter or e-mail. We welcome: – Those who played in the Kitsilano Boys Band or any related band under Mr. Delamont’s direction. – Those who were lucky enough to go on one or more of their trips. – Family members (parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) of any member of the Kitsilano Boys Band.

We maintain an e-mail list of Kits Band Alumni. Please add your name by sending an e-mail to:

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  2. I’d like to be added to the reunion list. My step dad was in the band in 1936-1939. Martin Brune Goodwin. He talked to me about his experience often and I would like to meet others involved too.


    1. Hi Diana Just saw your request regarding being added to the reunion list. There is a Kits band alumni Facebook group which is also for friends of the band. You might want to join as a friend. Here is the link. Just make a request and I will befriend you. I will also add you to a reunion list. Just type in Vancouver Kitsilano Boys’ Band Alumni to Facebook. Tks Chris Best


  3. Jean McNally

    It would be interesting to know if any of the Vancouver Boys Band remember their stay in Bedminster, Bristol, England. as I was a small child and we had three of the lads staying at my home while they were at the Hippodrome in 1953. I have the photo of the First Prize Winners.Chicago,which they presented us with. I remember them staying really clearly.


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