2004 KS Memorial

“Ken Sotvedt Memorial Concert” June 28, 2004

80+ players of the Vancouver Firefighters Band combined with the Kits Alumni Band

Thousands were in the audience on this beatiful night

at last year’s performance Mayor Larry Campbell called this
“truly a Vancouver event” (note the swimmers and the mountains!)

The conductor for the concert was
Doug Macaulay, who is the conductor for the Vancouver Firefighters’ Band.
Here is Doug playing his saxophone with the band.

There is an interesting resume of Doug’s career and credentials to be found at: Doug Macaulay

Sandy Cameron (clarinet) wearing a Kits Band cape6 Trumpeters playing “Buglers Holiday”
(left to right as we look at the picture:Stan Bourne Sr., Mike Smith, Ron Jordan, Brian Bolam, Stan Bourne Jr., Bruce Rushton)
“Hotline” Vocal Quartet
(left to right as we look at the picture: Steve Webb, Ron Jordan, Joe Foster, Dan McLelland)
Andy Greenwood singing “Danny Boy” and “O Solo Meo”Ron Jordan plays “Georgia on my Mind”Brian Bolam plays “Danny Boy”Band President Lance Ewan making presentation to Karen SotvedtDal Richards singing “Thanks for the Memory” for Ken SotvedtDale Peterson and Dal RichardsBrian Bolam writes: I thought the “boys” might like to see the words for the
“Thanks for the Memories” that was prepared
for Dal Richards to sing. The final arrangement used only a part
of what was written but I’ll send it all. It contains many references
to the Firefighters’ Band memories of Ken.
Brian Bolam


for Ken Sotvedt, June 28, 2004

Thanks for the memory
Of every concert played
Of marching on parade
The stories swapped and laughter shared
And “tunes” that we misplayed
How lucky we were.

Thanks for the memories
Of things we can’t forget
All the challenges we met
From Kiss me Kate and overtures
To classics for cornet
We’ll miss you so much.

Now you are gone and we all know
That you should’ve had more fishing with flies.
We give you our thanks and say our goodbyes –
You gave your lifetime to music and us.

So, thanks for the memories
Of the years that you did stand
As the leader of the band
For all the time on Monday night
Working to get the music right
At sunset concerts by the sea
For bands from Kits and VFD
We thank you so much.

A Portrait of Ken Sotvedt, provided by his family photo credits: Doug Johnson, Nancy Peterson and Juliet Fricker

Updated: October 2015

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